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World of Warships [SOI] Many GEOs

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Learn more about biometric authentication: kas.pr/hvx6
Comment from : HowToMen

Troy Aberle International
Luke could you review this in your big YETI review?


Comment from : Troy Aberle International

José Oviedo
where can I download the wallpaper in minute 0:55? and the widgets
Comment from : José Oviedo

Reno Renown
I hate that promotion for batu akik :(
Comment from : Reno Renown

WindyError Amino Team Member
what about ADW Launcher 2?
i mean, its not that customisable, but it is technically amazing launcher

Comment from : WindyError Amino Team Member

That ring looks creepy! I think having a key hanger would be better
Comment from : hui.b

Umang Somani
I loved the both home screen setups, I'm not a geek and don't know how to make such, can anyone help me out sharing the setup. Thank you howtomen, keep making such videos✌️✌️
Comment from : Umang Somani

ORO 0147
Lawn Chair all the way. Open source and way better, faster, and free
Comment from : ORO 0147

William Platt
I've used both and they are good choices. I've been using nova for a long time since KitKat days and 5 bucks was a good deal. Having that amount of customization was really cool back then. Lawn chair on the other hand is simpler but still great and would recommend it more than Nova launcher. You have to spend about an hour to configure nova launcher with a vast number of different options to choose from but in the end makes your phone look amazing.
Comment from : William Platt

Tahsin Protik
I've been using lawnchair for almost a year and a half
Comment from : Tahsin Protik

Brysen G
Omg who cares about launcher updates and shit 🤦🏽‍♂️ go straight next time dude
Comment from : Brysen G

Chancery Olmos
Where can i download this white wallpaper with orange sunset?
Comment from : Chancery Olmos

TheSlaV亗Boris YT
What are the wallpapers
Comment from : TheSlaV亗Boris YT

Jeffrey Michael
I was a long term Nova user. Then I switched to Lawnchair because I could resize icons and that was important for my taste on appearance. Nova brought this feature to free version and I am on it again. Both are great.
Comment from : Jeffrey Michael

krishnadeepak juturu
How to enable parallel apps in Nova launcher
Comment from : krishnadeepak juturu

Chitransh Patel
whatever it may be, I dislike samsung but i love their note lineups since the note 8. that sex appeal of the S10+ is unbeatable.
Comment from : Chitransh Patel

Reanetse Moleleki
That ring looks like it should be part of someone's cosplay costume.
Comment from : Reanetse Moleleki

If you want easy stock pixel look go with law chair other than that get Nova
Comment from : SKEKMAL

How can you use the android 10 gestures with nova launcher?
Comment from : Xtrociss

Wait what? When is biometric data ever leaving your device??? It's not even stored pure on a device, but hashed.
Comment from : whatnoww2

Revolver Ocelot
If you are minimalist just use kiss launcher, also if you want just fast speed and almost no cost in resources
Comment from : Revolver Ocelot

rizky fawzy
still nova for me..first app to install when i changed every android phone..then tried another launcher such as this lawnchair..it was good, but not better or as good as nova..lawnchair is mediatek..nova is snapdragon..that simple
Comment from : rizky fawzy

Jordy Ancona
Que iconos son?
Comment from : Jordy Ancona

Guys, could someone tell what icon pack is that on 0:55 ?
Comment from : Mrweeber

Shaan Haider
Can I please get the link for all wallpapers u used on oneplus 7t? please?
Comment from : Shaan Haider

Kazi Mohammad Abu Yusuf
Facing music play not working in lawnchair 2 launcher. How to fix
Comment from : Kazi Mohammad Abu Yusuf

Iqbal Rahman
whaat widget is that on 4:06?
Comment from : Iqbal Rahman

JaSolo Gaming
I can’t find anything except sesame integrations. No google integrations under the integrations menu?
Comment from : JaSolo Gaming

Hilal Rahman
i have used many launchers over there years.
Nova was my go to launcher for a long time.
But it was soon replaced by Eve, a much simpler launcher.
Now since iam into minimalism, i prefer NIAGRA launcher. To me it's the best minimalist launcher out there and i would recommend it over anyother on any given day.

Comment from : Hilal Rahman

dark ness
watching this on lawnchair
Comment from : dark ness

Riaz Rahman
Hey, Could you please tell me which home screen widget are those on nova launcher setup? Loved it.
Comment from : Riaz Rahman

Saswata Chakraborty
Ever since I updated my Realme X to Android 10, I'm having animation issue on custom launchers when using full screen gesture. When I swipe up from the bottom middle of the screen to go home, it takes a few seconds for the homescreen icons to load. This behaviour was not there on Android 9. I tried almost all custom launchers and the same thing is happening when using full screen gesture.
Comment from : Saswata Chakraborty

Vivian S.
all those additional customization options and yet nova launcher doesn't have that cool blur effect lawnchair's dock and app drawer have
Comment from : Vivian S.

krunal champaneria
Where's download nova launcher wallpaper?
Comment from : krunal champaneria

Sam Barrett
sorry, but that sponsor spot is redicolous. The point of biometric authentication is that it is something you are and not something you have. And it looks horrible.
Comment from : Sam Barrett

l SÃM l
Earlier used Nova but started using Lawnchair since last month due to Swipe up anywhere to open drawer, At a Glance widget.
Comment from : l SÃM l

Ok. Who's that girl at 2:34? Such a cutie!
Comment from : Samar

Lawn Chair is free because it sells your info to third parties. Nova Launcher is superior.
Comment from : Liliana

Nova Launcher forever ♡
Comment from : Liliana

Ahmed Amr
Why not alot of people use cpl launcher it is so good
Comment from : Ahmed Amr

Fesal Musharraf
Hii i need a answer that "DO LAUNCHERS SLOWS THE PHONE"
Comment from : Fesal Musharraf

G Hammer
Nova Launcher master race

That ring is fucking stupid.

Comment from : G Hammer

Chadi Berlin CB
0:54 do anyone know that white wallpaper?
Comment from : Chadi Berlin CB

Arjun Ingole
You need to try Hyperion
Comment from : Arjun Ingole

Fabio S
How enable navigation bar android 10 on nova Launcher?
Comment from : Fabio S

C a c t u s
What icon pack is he using?
Comment from : C a c t u s

Ganesh Karhale
smart launcher was also very nice. I loved it.
Comment from : Ganesh Karhale

Creative TV
Lawnchair v2 is best
Comment from : Creative TV

Jai Prakash Makhija
I love my poco launcher
Comment from : Jai Prakash Makhija

Karl Giese
my biometric information can't get stolen

Has biometric information in a format you could literally steal

Comment from : Karl Giese

Hi.. how to keep show notch on desktop when using Nova launcher in this video ?
Comment from : AnTo

Muhamad Ubaied
nova launcher needs to works with android 10 full gesture...then it will be great.
Comment from : Muhamad Ubaied

I didnt understand how to group apps in folders and the i uninstalled the launcher. Is that possible with any of these 2?
Comment from : staargiirl

Wacky Potter
Can I ask for the full setup wallpaper and widgets that you did on nova?
Comment from : Wacky Potter

Does both launcher support 120hz refresh rate?
Comment from : SUMUKHA NAIK

Marthin Mooy
You missed one thing that make Lawnchair standout: BLUR.

This is why as much as I loved Nova, I always find myself back to Lawnchair

Comment from : Marthin Mooy

That ad was way too long but good video
Comment from : John

A Human
I'm no expert, but it's much easier to steal a ring than a finger...
Comment from : A Human

Advertising fake fingerprint ring toy: “You don’t have to worry about your biometric data getting out there...”
Shows footage of facial recognition...

Comment from : NICKELGANHDI

Video starts at 2:50
Comment from : SuperSyro

IMHO that ring makes zero sense. The fingerprint data is stored on encrypted and secured storage on your phone. There is no way for third parties to steal it. And it is UGLY AF
Comment from : DjDanny44

Raimundo Júnior
Does any of you have the nova launcher setup?
Comment from : Raimundo Júnior

poo bear
down voted. too much advertising
Comment from : poo bear

Nathan Elcoate
Lost me at the crap about the ring.
Comment from : Nathan Elcoate

too late apple Samsung and so on does have my biometric data
Comment from : TX

Brian Hylkema
Anyone know what calendar widget that is at 0:57?
Comment from : Brian Hylkema

Steven Specht
I've been using Nova since 2014 and I won't be using anything else unless it suddenly turns into a flaming pile of shit. :D
Comment from : Steven Specht

Muhammad Usama Iqbal
You can't set dock icons to the absolute bottom part of your homescreen with lawn. Esp when using android 10 nav gestures. Nova has that easily and I'm so used to it... But nova can't use quick step recents and uses its own bad looking recents..
Comment from : Muhammad Usama Iqbal

Jake Stone
Nova Launcher ALL Day.....No launcher comes close when it comes to Customization! If I wanted a Pixel launcher experience I'd buy one.......which I don't....so I won't.
Comment from : Jake Stone

onii-chan's manko
Quickstep for the win
Comment from : onii-chan's manko

Tridev samanta
Try evie launcher...
Comment from : Tridev samanta

Edo 1
how to fix the gesture ? I have lawnchair installed but when I swipeup to go home, It goes back to default launcher
Comment from : Edo 1

Ramesh Gokamalla
Lawnchair wins
Comment from : Ramesh Gokamalla

Nova launcher sucks you have to pay for features but lawnchair 2 is completely free.
Comment from : User12

Mr. Rager20
How are you using Android 10 gestures with nova launcher?
Comment from : Mr. Rager20

Can't they just take the fingerprint pattern from Kaspersky it's the same idea
Comment from : HEMMA Rwaか

pros of lawnchair:
2.Can be set as recent provider in quickswitch
3.Better tab or categories in appdrawer
4.has it's own customizable home widget or at a glance widget

Comment from : RICHEN JOSHI

Kerb 755
Id rather just use an nfc ring than this fake finger thing
Comment from : Kerb 755

Can you please share the details about that nova setup?
Comment from : RITAM SAIKIA

Don't use your finger as a security measure. You can't change your finger. Just use a password and change it every so often.
Comment from : gallya

Dark horse
How to locate hidden app in lawnchair
Comment from : Dark horse

Phill Bray
Do a video on the nova set up... Love the clean white homepage ect....
Comment from : Phill Bray

Fujiwara 藤原
"This video is sponsored by Kasperky"
Forza Ferrariiiii

Comment from : Fujiwara 藤原

I use Smart Launcher. I've tried others but I always go back to this.
Comment from : LookzA

Jao Argota
Real dumb question, how can you make the google icon at the search bar white?
Comment from : Jao Argota

One word: quickswitch
Comment from : Framelessly

levi cruz
wallpaper and setup on 0:54 please
Comment from : levi cruz

Ryan Wall
A hefty fee? Even the most budget phones, that aren't absolutely terrible, are at least $100. Add $5 to that and have a good launcher everywhere you know.
Comment from : Ryan Wall

"It's great because you won't have to worry about your biometric data ever getting stolen because unlike your real finger that's physically attached to your hand it's definitely harder to steal a tiny ring with your fingerprint on it"

Sorry man, I love your channel but that doesn't make sense at all.

Comment from : DMS

Although I like Nova Launcher more than Lawnchair 2 I'm using Lawnchair 2 as my main launcher because I love that Pixel look
Comment from : NecromancerKiller

Brandon C
I'm gonna give Lawnchair 2 a try for a few days and see if I like it more than the good old trust Nova
Comment from : Brandon C

I'm using a 2014 2gb ram phones, will these two slow my device or make them faster?
Comment from : Danny

Kishan Bhimani
What about android 10 gestures, any of those launchers support it?
Comment from : Kishan Bhimani

What phones are these in the video?
Comment from : Sh4un

0:53 can I get help on getting a set up like this one please. Great content by the way
Comment from : JULESTHATRUTH

How did u got that status bar
Comment from : POWER MODE

Comment from : TERO AHOLA

I thought the title said "Lawnchair 2 vs Nova Lawnchair"
Comment from : ƵiRro

If you don't use Nova Launcher you're simply wrong.
Comment from : HΞLLBΞNT

As a very minimalist person when it comes to homescreen design, I like LawnChair 2 more. Never paid for the full version of Nova, and Lawn Chair has 99% of what I want (I really just need the ability to change folder color, and then I'd say Lawn Chair is complete for me). The fact Nova hides some very basic things like gestures behind a pay wall annoys me. There is so much more complexity that I don't need that I get with the free version. I just don't understand. Not to mention I am rocking an old Motorola g4 plus, and Nova won't get rid of the black bars where the navigation buttons and notifications lie. I might still have a big forehead and chin on my phone, but at least now I get a full view of my wallpaper on the home screen.
Comment from : ThatGamerDude9000

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